Facebook Advertising: How We Turned $67.00 into $733.00


Our funnel has been underperforming a bit these last couple of weeks, and we were having some trouble tracking down the source. Our ad traffic was good, our cost per click or (CPC) were in their normal range, our landing pages are tracking over 20% opt-in rate, in other words, all was well in the front…

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5 Rules For Posting Content On Facebook


As first seen on social media today. Is your Facebook page lonely? Not getting the number of fans you’d hoped for? Don’t be discouraged! You have to start somewhere and it’s usually at the bottom. The good news is the only direction to go from there is up. When it comes to building an audience,…

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70% Of Facebook Budgets Are Increasing In 2015, Here’s How Smart Marketers Are Thriving…

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A brand new study by Salesforce found that 70% of marketing executives are planning to increase their spend and efforts on Social Media. This is good news for the industry overall, but can look like bad news for you if you’re not prepared. We’ll tell you what you can expect from this shift in the…

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5 Reasons We Deleted 109,343 Subscribers From Our Email List

How Cleaning Your List Increases E-mail Opens And Clicks.

It seems crazy, but we actually deleted 109,343 of our hard won contacts. Based on a rough estimate of our costs per lead over the years, we pretty much just threw away $250,000.00 worth of leads. With a new year upon us, our marketing team decided we needed to do a few things differently with…

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The Definitive Facebook Image Dimensions Guide For 2015


Get 10,000 Fans Quick And Easy Images Guide For Facebook Advertising In 2015 We’ve all been there, no matter how many times we do it, we still have to look up the image dimensions when we put together a new campaign. That’s why we decided to make a quick and easy guide to all of…

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The Top 18 Advertising Mistakes To Avoid In 2015


It’s A New Year, What Are You Not Going To Do? Here’s A Start. We know a lot of us in the advertising space move very quickly, and we try a lot of different things. So we wanted to put out something to help you narrow down your efforts from day one. The link below will show…

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