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I haven't received my product yet?

At Get 10k Fans, all of our products are 100% digital, delivered online via access to our Member’s Site. After your purchase(s), you received a confirmation e-mail with a link to our Member’s Site where you can view & download your product. Please find your email(s) with “[REGISTRATION LINK]” in the title, click your registration link, and register with a unique username & password. And within a few moments you will have unlimited access to everything you purchased. After you register, please use the following link to login anytime right here >> If you have not received your registration link email, please allow 20-25 minutes for this email to arrive in your inbox. 99% of registration link emails arrive correctly within that time frame.

For 5MFP Customers

You are shown your registration page immediately after you make your purchase. To login to your 5MFP account, please login to your Facebook account, then visit If you are still having trouble accessing your account, you may have missed your initial registration. Please open a support ticket here, and we will make sure you get full access to your account!

Hours of Operation

Our Support Desk is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time, USA). We are closed for most major holidays, and will always post any closings in our "Announcements" forum. You can expect a response within 24 hours of your submission. All support must be submitted here at to be eligible for a response. Please refrain from opening multiple tickets, as it slows our response time to you and our other customers. Thanks!

Do your products come with a risk-free guarantee?

Yes, our products & services comes with various guarantees. Most of for a full 30-day period, covering all requests for refunds made in writing here at Some of our products come with full, 60-day guarantees. Each and every product's guarantee is stated clearly in our sales videos as well as in the shopping cart prior to purchase.

Accepted Forms of Payment

At this time, we accept all major credit & debit cards as forms of payment. We do not accept PayPal for payment of any of our products. If your card is Declined by our system, please re-enter your information as accurately as you can. Should your card continue to be declined, please re-attempt your purchase with another card.

What can you tell me about the mandated SSL Certification?

Facebook is issuing a mandate that all fan page custom tabs, applications, and widgets be protected under an active SSL certification starting October 1st, 2011. To learn more about this topic, check out this blog post. Instead of paying $1,500 for an SSL cert, consider trying out our 5 Minute Fan Page service. All pages created with our 5MFP software come with an active SSL cert including in the monthly subscription. Create professional fan pages at a fraction of the cost, and even earn extra income with our active Multi-Site License (available for purchase after purchase of a basic subscription). Learn more about 5 Minute Fan Page right here >>

Tagging notes from FB page

Facebook has made some changes to the Note's Tagging feature in the past few days. Our videos will reflect these changes shortly. For now, you can tag other Fan Pages when writing a note from your own Fan Page. You can tag any friends in a note written from your personal FB profile.

Does Get 10,000 Fans offer any “Do-It-For-You” services?

We offer a very small number of "Do-It-For-You" services such as Fan Page Creation, custom Facebook Ad Campaigns, etc. At this time, we have no open spots for custom campaigns like this, as we insist on keeping only a very small number of these projects at any one time. When a spot opens up for a project like this, we will notify our all of our Members and take on your new project on a "1st Come, 1st Serve" basis. If you haven't already, become a Member by placing your email right here >>

Does Get 10,000 Fans have anyone to recommend to do our Facebook stuff for us?

No, we do not have an active list of people/companies to recommend if you are looking for someone to do your Facebook work for you.
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