The Top 7 Facebook Marketing Tools And Why We Use Them


You and your business can feel lost without the proper resources. Hopefully you’ve done some research already, and put together a nice list of resources for yourself. If you have, please share it in the comments! If you are new, feel somewhat lost, or are interested in adding to your resource list, then this post…

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5 Ways to Boost Traffic Using Facebook Fan Page Photos


It’s been several months since Facebook’s new Timeline has rolled out – more than enough time for some businesses to create some eye-catching Facebook Fan Pages. Users have been arriving at your Fan Page via keyword searches, effective ad campaigns, or perhaps by some other means. What is the first thing they see? Your images! Here are…

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Workshop Wednesday: Secret to Selling Under the Radar

No one likes landing on a page and instantly being bombarded with sales pitches. Loading a page and being smacked in the face with headlines reading, “BUY THIS NOW!”, “SALE SALE SALE!!”, “LIMITED TIME ONLY!”, or any traditional “sales-pitchy” wording is the quickest way to get me off of your page faster than you can…

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