4 Ways Graph Search Impacts Facebook Marketers


Facebook recently announced that it would implement a new feature that would change the way people used the social media giant. Limited to beta testers, Graph Search made its debut to the social media world with a spark of controversy. It seems people didn’t realize just how public and tangible their information had become. Graph…

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How To Use Facebook Offers To Promote Your Business


Facebook has recently added some new features to Facebook Offers. Here are some reasons why you should start using Facebook Offers for your business, the benefits from Offers, and how to successfully create an Offer.

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The Real Way to Get Facebook Fans (And Grow Your Business)


Money Can Buy You (Facebook) Friends, But Can It Buy You Customers? As seen first on AllFacebook.com. Of the many avenues to advertise online, Facebook is one surefire way to get your brand out to a growing public and get people talking. From corporations to personal brands, Facebook presents pages as a way for people to discuss their…

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5 Steps to Effectively Advertising on Facebook


As first seen on business2community.com. When I started my first business online, trainbaseball.com, I didn’t even know how to start a webpage. Instead, I created a fan page on Facebook. One year later, I had attracted over 140,000 fans, collected over 70,000 email addresses, and generated $1.2 million in sales. Interested yet? Keep reading, and I’ll…

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Facebook Marketing: 7 Steps to a Profitable Fan Page

If you’re going to jump into the Facebook game with your business, chances are you will get a few things wrong. Below are the top 7 strategies you need to implement in order to create a profitable fan page on Facebook that attracts new visitors and creates raving fans that turn into loyal customers.

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