9 Proven Tips On Running An Effective Facebook Ad Campaign


You can run a great Facebook ad campaign. Some of you probably rolled your eyes or cringed when you read that phrase. Perhaps you became a bit intrigued, and are unfamiliar with how to run a successful campaign. Well, Facebook ad campaigns can be the lifeblood of your Facebook marketing strategy. Let me show you how.

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How Facebook Studio Can Revolutionize Your Facebook Marketing Campaign


As Facebook marketers, we often spend a lot of time split-testing and tweaking our ad campaigns to find the most effective ways of reaching our potential customers. Facebook Studio was created to help with marketing, and is an irreplaceable resource for Facebook Marketers.

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6 Things You Need To Know About Facebook Exchange

Source: Triggit website

Attention Facebook Advertisers! The Facebook Exchange has arrived. Some of the more prominent statistics show higher click-through rates (CTR) while maintaing a significantly lower cost per click-through order (CPA). Basically, this means you’ll spend less money while more people to click your ads. Let’s take a closer look at just what the Facebook Exchange actually…

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