4 Areas Facebook Marketers Need To Focus On


Running a Facebook Fan Page can be overwhelming. There are just so many options and a myriad of ways to accomplish a simple goal. It’s easy to lose sight of your goal. It’s easy to lose focus. Well, here of a list of things we all need to focus on to be successful.

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5 Steps to Effectively Advertising on Facebook


As first seen on business2community.com. When I started my first business online, trainbaseball.com, I didn’t even know how to start a webpage. Instead, I created a fan page on Facebook. One year later, I had attracted over 140,000 fans, collected over 70,000 email addresses, and generated $1.2 million in sales. Interested yet? Keep reading, and I’ll…

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Facebook Ads Costs Explained: CPC vs. CPM

Those who use Facebook Ads often debate the benefits of using CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mille). These two little acronyms cause advertisers a whole lot of grief. How are we supposed to know which one to use on our Facebook Ads? Even worse is that you are almost certainly paying the…

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7 Facebook Advertising Tips Marketers Willingly Ignore

What most businesses (using Facebook advertising or not) don’t truly understand is the power behind using Facebook Ads. Because of the overwhelming demographic and psychographic information Facebook has on every one of us, it presents a fantastic opportunity for marketers, and a surprisingly pleasant experience for the end user as well.

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Facebook Advertising – Dominate Your Niche With Facebook Ads with Unique Targeting

Over a third of small businesses are on Facebook now. Which begs the question, why are so many businesses sprinting towards Facebook to improve their marketing? Well recently Facebook added some awesome tools that help you advertise even more specifically to your perfect customer.

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