Your Survey Results...

Here are the stats from the recent survey we ran last week.

I was actually encouraged by the top 3 things on the list (marketing funnels, generate profits, and facebook ads) because those are my specialities. Like I said before, I'm don't create content based on things I'm not an expert at.

Anyway, check out the results below to see what everyone else is looking to learn or improve in their business...

While I get to work creating some great new stuff for you in 2016, I wanted to share a new video I just recorded the other day, which is all about facebook's new 'lead ads' and how to set them up.

Hopefully you're one of the people above that was interested in learning how to profit from facebook ads, so this should be right up your alley.

Facebook's new leads are pretty freaking awesome...they let you collect leads and build your list right from a facebook ad...without needing a landing page! (you gotta this)

Click the button down below to check out this free tutorial...and make sure to keep an eye out in the coming weeks for some awesome new stuff from me....all based on:

  • How to create high-converting marketing funnels (something I've done at least 100 times)
  • How to generate more revenue from your business...without needing more traffic, or more customers
  • and How to setup insanely profitable Facebook ad campaigns...without needing an advertising budget

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