6 Reasons Why You Should Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business and Yourself

There are countless personal reasons why you should create a Facebook page, from trying to develop your personal brand to establishing a connection with your long lost friend. However, for purposes of establishing your business, building a Facebook page is not only mandatory, but a business necessity.

The following are the six ultimate reasons why you should create a Facebook company page:

Facebook = Viral

How would your business look if every time a customer was pleased with your products or services, all of their friends knew it? I’m guessing you’d give just about anything for that to be the case. With Facebook, it’s completely within reach. With one click of a mouse, a visitor can “like” your page, and instantly, every friend of his or hers is notified of their newly found fondness for your brand. This rule applied for any action a user may take on your fan page or group. The viral nature of Facebook provides the opportunity for explosion when it comes to visibility. We’ve already witnessed this with the new social games like Farmville. “But my page has stopped attracting fans…”

Thousands of Fans Isn’t Just Possible, It’s Easy.

When you have the right approach. Facebook users are no longer interested in you, your business, or your product. Their interested in themselves. They are on Facebook to relax, engage, and take a break. Rudely interrupting their day with a business opportunity or sales pitch won’t go over well. Engaging them, inspiring them, or solving their biggest frustration is what will attract more fans than you will know what to do with.

Build 2 Lists at Once.

This is the approach I took with my first fan page, and it paid off. Upon landing on my fan page, all new visitors were instructed to become a fan and then immediately get on my email list. I offered a great piece of free content to encourage them to take action. I was able to add 10,000 fans and 3,000 emails in a matter of weeks. This approach of building 2 lists at once is what kept my facebook business profitable and it’s why it is still on the move today. Most business with fan page either don’t realize you can insert Opt-In forms into Facebook or they don’t use email marketing to begin with. Big mistake. But that’s for another article.

Promote Products Without Promoting Your Products.

As a business owner, your first and most important goal is to make money. But if facebook users get upset when they’re pitched new products, how are you supposed to monetize your fan page? Simple. You don’t sell. You share. Facebook is about sharing great content. Photos, Videos, Blog Posts, and anything else online. If you focus on creating a loyal community by solving some of their problems for free, they will respond by inviting others to your page, spreading the word about your business, and eventually thanking you by purchasing one of your products. The biggest mistake you can get is to have a fan page wall full of buy buttons. That’s the quickest way to scare off any potential fans.

Facebook allows you to share content.

The beauty of Facebook is how fast things get spread around. If you can create a page for your business or brand that shares quality information, you will instantly have a flock of salespeople that aren’t sucking your payroll. People love free quality content even if you didn’t create it. Find a good link online? Send it out to your fans! Ask them to share and they will. Even if you’re not the author, you become the “source” of the quality information and instead of looking around your fans will come back to you again and again because you always give great stuff. Become the source. And always ask your fans to share back with you!

Finally, in Facebook you can create your own community.

Your Fan Page becomes your free membership site that’s open to anyone interested in your market. Attract enough fans that other people feel left out if they’re not active in your community. Speak to your people as your community. Use inclusive words in your status updates like create a feeling of unity and bonding with your fans.

To get a jump-start for your fan page, check out our fan page secret guide.

About The Author

Brian Moran

Brian started Get 10,000 Fans back in November 2010 after figuring out how powerful facebook marketing could be for his baseball training website, trainbaseball.com. Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook.