How My Fan Page Funnel Made An Extra
$5,982.00 In Sales By Mistake...

Big Ideas From This Video...

  • What elements of the "Fan Page Funnel" we lay out here is missing from your business? Take a few minutes and create a simple email follow-up campaign, write a sales letter, or create an upsell with SamCart!
  • Use email follow-up campaigns to let your paying customers know about other products/services you offer! Only takes a few sales to make a huge difference in your bottom line.
  • Done is better than perfect. No sales letter, email, upsell, or anything in between is ever perfect. Have ANY email follow-up is better than nothing at all!
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How's your sales funnel looking these days?

If this video teaches you anything, I hope that it shows you the power of having each element of your sales funnel finished. Not perfect, but finished. Nothing is ever perfect, so do not use "Well, I'm working making it great before I publish it" as an excuse.

Find out what elements of your sales funnel are lacking, and finish them!

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