7 Facebook Advertising Tips Marketers Willingly Ignore

What most businesses (using Facebook advertising or not) don’t truly understand is the power behind using Facebook Ads. Because of the overwhelming demographic and psychographic information Facebook has on every one of us, it presents a fantastic opportunity for marketers, and a surprisingly pleasant experience for the end user as well.

Let me explain. Here are the 7 Facebook Advertising Tips Most Marketers Willingly Ignore:

#1 Facebook Advertising Tip – Hyper Target Your Ads

My first mistake when I started using facebook advertising was trying to reach everyone in my market. I was selling baseball instructional videos, so naturally my first Facebook ad campaign was targeted towards everyone interested in baseball. What I quickly realized was that not everyone interested in baseball wanted, needed, or could afford my videos.Facebook Advertising tips

My product was $27, and I didn’t think my targeting would matter, but looking back, I see why I didn’t make any profit early on. I learned that teenage baseball players just didn’t have the money to spend on my product, let alone a credit card to purchase it with. After a few months of wasting money away, I tested a new approach that led to the creation of a million dollar online business.

I switched my targeting and began only showing my ads to baseball coaches or parents of baseball players. I did some quick market research to get to know my fans a little better, found out more about their likes, interests, and habits. I then took that information straight to my Facebook Ads campaign.

This switch took me all of 4 minutes to implement, and it was the difference between a profitable online campaign and the end of my marketing career.

If you’re using facebook advertising and you haven’t put in the time to thinking about who is really seeing your advertisement, it may be the smartest thing you ever do in your business.

#2 Facebook Advertising Tip – Test Your Landing Page

A lot of people debate over whether to send Facebook ads traffic to their own website or keep it within Facebook by sending it to a fan page, group, event, or application.

Here’s the quick answer: test it!

I don’t understand why people argue about it or can’t make up their minds. It takes 30 seconds to duplicate your ad and send the new one somewhere else. Why leave it up to chance when you can prove once and for all what the better option is.

After we stopped getting lazy, and started measuring and testing all of our stuff, we finally got the results we were looking forward because we removed the guesswork!

The truth is, what works in your market may not work for someone else. Stop leaving huge business decisions up to chance by following your gut, and start testing and tracking actual results.

Trust me, you’ll sleep better at night and be lightyears ahead of your competition.

#3 Facebook Advertising Tip – Utilize Sponsored Stories

More marketers are testing sponsored stories every day, which is a good thing. If you’re an owner of a fan page or facebook application, sponsored stories may be a great way to quickly boost traffic to those pages.

Facebook Ads sponsored storiesFacebook loves when you keep your traffic inside of facebook, and they’ve exposed that with this new type of ad.

Built off of recommendations, Facebook ads sponsored stories are shown to the friends of your current fans with the endorsement of that fan. Not only that, but you can target further by deciding which friends you want your ad to show to.

#4 Facebook Advertising Tip – Action Optimized CPM

Action optimized CPM is a new feature within facebook’s ads platform as of the writing of this post, but it can be tricky for a newbie. You want to be careful here, because you have no control over how much facebook spends on each click or view of your ad.

The only way to control your spend with this type of bidding strategy is your daily limit on the campaign, so be careful.

The upside to using action optimized cpm is the amount of traffic you will receive. If you think your campaign has hit a ceiling, this bidding technique may be music to your ears.

In our testing, action optimized cpm has result in an instant 100%-500% increase in the traffic we received. But that traffic was more expensive.

Again, this bidding strategy will only appear if your landing page is a fan page or facebook application, so it’s not available for everyone.

 #5 Facebook Advertising Tip – Test CPC vs. CPM

Again, using Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per Mille (CPM) is a big controversy for those using Facebook Ads. My thought is…what’s the contreversy!?

Test your own stuff folks. Don’t let some “expert” out there tell you what to do. Take 24 hours and try both!

I have my opinion. And after a LOT of testing, I know what works best for my ads. But I would never look someone else in the eyes and tell them that I know what will work best for their business.

So CPC or CPM??

Easy, test it and find out.

#6 Facebook Advertising Tip – Use Local Targeting

Question for you…Facebook Advertising Tips

What is the most powerful advertising tool for locally based businesses available today?

Facebook Ads, that’s what. With Facebook Ads new local targeting feature, you can choose to keep your ads within a 5-mile radius of your place of business. And if you partner that with their other targeting features, there is not an advertising medium on the planet that can target as effectively as Facebook Ads.

#7 Facebook Advertising Tip – Get to Know Your Customers

Someone really smart once said, “Know thine customers”.

Ok, pretty sure I made that up. But still, get to know your customers. Now, I didn’t say, “Know your fans”. I said, “Know your customers”. Here’s the difference…

Customers buy things. And happy customers buy more things. Fans are great, but not all of your fans will end up spending money with you.

So get to know your customers. Become an expert in the interest, habits, likes, and dislikes or the people who spend money with you. These demographics and psychographic trends will help you really target the kinds of people who are going to be ready to buy.

Well that’s all we have for you today. If you are looking to go even more in-depth with Facebook Ads, take a look inside of our most successful Facebook advertising strategies, tricks, and campaigns by learning more about Facebook Advertising Secrets.

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