7 Ways Feedback Can Increase Sales

It is easy for Facebook marketers to get caught up in raising the engagement levels of their Fan Pages. Sure, it can lead to higher Edge Rank and more likes, but most posts miss out on a key resource – feedback. Feedback is not only a source of engagement, but allows you to actually connect with your customer base lets you supply them with content that they want. That connection will have a direct impact on your sales. Here are some ways to get engagement with feedback on your Fan Page while increasing your sales revenue.

Generating Feedback Through Comments

Encouraging users to comment is one of the most basic ways of getting engagement on a Facebook Fan Page. All that you need to do is post an update on your page, and your followers will see it. Simple. There are some ways to get feedback from your followers through this tactic, as well as some proven methods to get the maximum engagement. Here are some good strategies of obtaining follower feedback through comments.

Grab Visitor’s Attention With Images

We know that walls full of text aren’t very appealing. That is why images are a great way to get the visitor’s attention. Without their attention, odds are they won’t even comment to begin with! Now that we have the engagement part figured out, it is time we looked at the feedback angle. Try to find ways to integrate feedback generation into the caption, or even the picture itself. Images should always be used in a post when able.

Use Call-to-Actions

Show a particular product and encourage your visitors to comment about what they thought of it. Try to find out if they would like you to focus on a particular area of marketing in your next webinar. Use examples like these to obtain direct feedback from your visitors. Comments are also public, and while you may get a few good suggestions from visitors, be sure to monitor your Fan Page regularly. You will come across the occasional (if not frequent) person who posts spam or inappropriate comments. Clicking the “x” in the upper right of their comment removes it from the comment stream.

Facebook Questions Are Built-In Polls

Facebook Questions are a tool integrated into Facebook that enable a special kind of post. A custom question will be displayed at the top of the post, and custom answers can created for the visitors to select from. When a visitor chooses an answer, the poll updates its bar graph accordingly. Users can also see who selected which answer, so you can address each visitor individually if you feel the need to.

Unfortunately, there is no way to insert a picture while using Facebook Questions, but it does have a unique enough appearance to warrant engagement. This makes asking the right question even more important!

Create Compelling Questions and Answers

We would like our visitors to supply us with feedback so we can connect with them. Our questions should reflect that. Yes, the occasional fun question like “What is your favorite sport?” creates engagement, but these types of questions don’t result in feedback. If you were surveying your followers with that question to determine what niche is best represented, then that is a great question to ask! You would be able to determine that baseball was more popular than soccer and aim at creating content based on that rationale.

Keep it Simple

There is no need for elaborate questions with long, highly specific answers. Try to keep it generalized with Yes / No answers. If there is a need for specific options, try to keep the answers short and direct. A question like “Give us your opinion about [Product Name]” with an answer “It was too advanced because I’m new to online marketing” is not a good answer because the answer speaks for the user. A better Facebook Question and answer would be:

  • “Describe the content of [Product Name]”
  • [Too basic]
  • [Just right]
  • [Too advanced]

Collect Feedback With A Survey

Surveys are a great way to obtain feedback from your visitors. They can be completely anonymous, and can be more attractive looking than Facebook Questions. The only drawback to surveys are that they require a 3rd party site to run the survey.

This doesn’t have to be a hassle though. By signing up for a site like SurveyMonkey you can create custom surveys to send to your followers. All that you need to do is use the tips discussed above while creating the survey, and paste the hyperlink to the survey on your Fan Page.

Feedback Can Increase Sales

Collecting feedback from your visitors and customers can help your business pinpoint what areas need to be focused on. Below are some of the ways to increase sales with the information obtained through comments, polls like Facebook Questions, and surveys.

  1. Interaction increases your Fan Page’s Edge Rank, so your posts will be displayed more frequently.
  2. Build a repor with visitors by asking questions directed at them. This shows them that you care about what they want and think.
  3. Find out what products your visitors want you to make, then make those products!
  4. Address your customers specific needs. If they provide you feedback saying a module is too confusing, change it accordingly.
  5. Crowdsource ideas for future products and improvements.
  6. Identify the engagers on your Fan Page and connect with them. They can help promote your products and provide testimonials.
  7. Give rewards for answering questions. Coupons or contests convert to higher product sales.

We have more tips and strategies for monetizing your Facebook Fan Page in our Facebook Timeline Blueprint. Check it out!

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We hope these tips help you not only get more engagement on your Fan Pages, but also help emphasize the importance of getting feedback from your visitors or customers. Remember, it isn’t all about sales. Your fans play a big part in referral traffic and personal testimonials. Listen to them!

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