7 Ways To Run A Successful Fan Page

In March, Facebook rolled out the controversial Timeline format to its users.

It received mixed reviews at first. Would ads cost increase? Would engagement levels drop? Marketers didn’t really know what to expect from this new layout.

After 8 months and plenty of trial and error, we have been able to figure out how to effectively use the Timeline with great results.

#1 Increase your Facebook EdgeRank With Media

Using photos in your posts can give you that extra boost that your Fan Page needs with a high EdgeRank score, which increases the chance of someone seeing your post.

There are three ways to increase your Facebook EdgeRank with your posts: links, video, and photos.

Depending on your visitors, one of these types of media may be preferred so it’s important to know and understand your audience.

Combine CTA’s With Photos

One smart way to generate engagement on your Fan Page is the combination of two methods – posting photos, and call to action.

People’s attention naturally gravitates toward the photo.

Text above the photo has the possibility to be missed. We dont’ want that.

Instead of having a blurb of text and a photo in your next post, try combining the two together.

Insert your call to action directly into the photo itself, but be careful not to overpower the photo with the text.

#2 Plan With Facebook Insights

If you are having trouble developing a Facebook posting strategy, then take a look at your Facebook insights.

You should see a graph below the admin pannel showing your reach and talking about number. This is a snapshot of your insights.

Click on that graph to get detailed information about when you posted things, and the engagement that post got.

Insights To Focus On

Keep an eye out for days with a large amount of engagement.

How many posts did you make each day? How many photos or links did you share?

What types of posts get more engagement and shares?

Insights are a great way to monitor your Fan Page’s reach. Be sure to keep up to speed with all of the different metrics.

#3 Cover Photo Strategies

Your Fan Page cover photo is like a huge billboard with millions of cars driving buy it.

Because it is the first thing your fans see upon visiting your Fan Page, we want to make sure that it’s being used effectively.

There are three main strategies that brands use with cover photos: promotion, direction, and identification. Let’s take a look at each.


If you have a product that you would like to promote, then your cover photo is prime real estate for a product advertisement.

The same can be said about a sale or discount that you’re currently running or gearing up for.


Another cover photo strategy is directing the visitor’s attention elsewhere.

If you are trying to get people to click your custom tabs, this is a great method to do that.

The only problem with this method is that having any sort of call to action in your cover photo is illegal, at least according to Facebook.

As an example, “Click [custom tab name] to find out more / show your support / register / enter the contest…” is against the Facebook regulations. So are listing websites.

Surprisingly, I still see large brands using this method. If it’s a risk you’re willing to take, just be warned that it can get your account shut down.


Finally, brands use their cover photos to build their brand identity.

They want visitors to recognize them, recognize their products, and become familiar and comfortable with the brand.

You can use your cover photo to display your logo in a clever, interactive way to achieve this.

I’m sure others have tried different strategies than these three. Let us know in the comments if they worked (or didn’t work) for your brand.

#4 Try Some Gamification

Make engaging fun on your Fan Page!

Use things like caption contests, riddles, or pictograms to challenge your visitors while collecting comments, likes, and shares.

If you have a joke that fits in with a picture or a funny video that fits in with a current promotion, share it!

Gamifying your Fan Page should not only be fun for the visitors, you should have fun too.

If you have the resources, think about actually creating a game of your own on Facebook.

#5 Engage In Real Time

Many marketers struggle with this.

They think that actually engaging back with the engagers is time consuming and not worth the effort.

Well, they’re wrong on both points.

Replying to people in comments and liking their comments can go a long way. It shows that there is a person behind the brand, and it encourages fans to interact more with you.

You don’t have to sit behind your computer all day replying to comments. Oftentimes, you just need to get the conversation started.

Next time you post, reply to the comments that come in right away, then check back in 15 minutes or so to reply a final time to some comments.

I know you’re busy. I’m busy, but I try to comment when I can.

#6 Remember To Say Thank You

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our marketing strategies that we forget to do the most important thing – thank our fans.

While you don’t have to thank your fans every day, you should take the opportunity to create a post specifically to thank them every now and then.

After all, without your fans and customers you wouldn’t have a very successful business, would you?

This is a friendly reminder to say “Thank You”.

#7 Short And Sweet

Finally, be specific in your posts. Keep it short and sweet.

People generally won’t take the time to read a wall of text. It just doesn’t happen.

If you have something lengthy to say, try to break it up into several chunks.

For instance, a post about 3 quick tips could easily be broken into 3 separate posts with pictures related to each tip.

Get That Engagement

Give these strategies a try on your Facebook page.

If you see results, please let us know in the comments!

We are also open to any other ideas that you may have related to getting engagement and success on your Fan Page.

About The Author

Brian Moran

Brian started Get 10,000 Fans back in November 2010 after figuring out how powerful facebook marketing could be for his baseball training website, trainbaseball.com. Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook.