How To Make Your Facebook Landing Page
In 90 Seconds...

Big Ideas From This Video...

  • Building a free Facebook Custom Tab onto your Fan Page is great way to grow your email list straight from Facebook.
  • Check out to grab the free app we use for building Facebook Custom Tabs.
  • The Facebook Custom Tab layout we show in the MIDDLE of this video is different now, but the theory is still exactly the same. Custom tabs are performing really well for us right now.
  • We are getting ready to re-open our top-rated "Fan Page Funnel" coaching course again soon. Be sure to join the waiting list if you want to build your own funnel that matches exactly what we do every day!

Custom tabs are back. We falsely assumed the new Facebook layout for tabs would ruin how well they worked! But we were pleasantly surprised when we ran a split-test, and Facebook landing pages outperformed other landing pages we had been using.

Building a free Facebook Custom Tab is a great way to grow your list, I highly recommend checking out WooBox, and building a tab for yourself today.

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