5 Minute Fan Page

Unlock the power of Facebook’s new timeline custom tabs with the only tool designed exclusively for online businesses. Create powerfully simple custom tabs without complicated HTML code, graphic design expertise, or clunky tools.

Get the only custom-tab creation tool backed by proven, sustained success growing businesses on Facebook. Complete your Fan Page with custom designed landing tabs.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Choose from doxens of high-converting fan page templates
  • Create Unlimited Custom Tabs to drive your fans to so you can build your list and generate more sales from facebook
  • Create Reveal Tabs and Custom Cover Images That
  • Attract More Ravings Fans

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • This software helps you create custom landing pages of your fan page that will help you attract fans, build list, and finally turn fans into cash.

Regular Price: $97 + $25/mo

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The Facebook Traffic System

Generate waves of free traffic back to your business with the Facebook Traffic System. Put 13 of our best traffic-getting strategies to work and connect with new customers through Facebook.

Copy the exact system we use daily to rank higher in search engines, hack Facebook’s own traffic formula, and generate hundreds of thousands of fans.

  • My Personal Posting Calendar That Ensures Maximum Exposure & Boost Sales
  • The 3 Things You Should Never Post In Your Free Ads That Will Ruin Your Traffic
  • The 3 Factors of Facebook’s EdgeRank formula and How You Can Use Them To Get More Direct Response From Your Audience…

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • This training helps drives massive amounts of FREE traffic using facebook. Attract fans, build your list, and sell more products using nothing but free techniques on facebook.

Regular Price: $197

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5 Minute Cover Photo

The brand-new Drap ‘n Drop tool that creates highly engaging cover photos, profile pictures, custom tab icons, milestone images, and status updates. Use 5 Minute Cover Photo to give your Fan Page professional, cohesive branding and establish your business as a credible market-leader.

Create unlimited custom images to guarantee more engagement, traffic, and sales. Ditch overpriced designers and expensive design softwares and get the only tool designed exclusively for Facebook graphic design.

  • Takes Away The Hassle of Giving Your Fan Pages (Or Clients Pages!) The Professional Look & Feel You Need
  • Create Unlimited Images & Edits So You Never Need To Pay A Graphic Designer Again
  • Free Updates For Life…

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • This software lets anyone create beautiful fan page cover images, status update images, profile pictures, and tab icons with a few clicks of the mouse. No cropping, no designing, and no experience needed to make your fan page look great.

Regular Price: $97

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The Facebook Keyword Tool

Target Facebook’s limitless number of fan pages to put your message in front of millions, while building a huge list of leads, and selling more products.

An absolute must for any serious Facebook Advertiser, the Facebook Keyword Tool is the first and only tool designed to give you the competitive edge through access to millions of targeted users your competition will never be able to find.

  • 1 Minute Quick Setup That Gives You Access To Millions Of Fans Your Competition Will Never Know About So You Pay Less Per Click
  • 2-Step Process For Identifying The Perfect Keywords So You Always Invest In The Best Opportunities
  • Advanced Advertising Information So You Pay Half The Price & Get Twice The Results As The Competition…

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • This software lets you search facebook’s entire database for super-targeted keywords and fan pages so you can go target them with facebook ads…which lowers your costs, and increases your campaign’s performance.

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Regular Price: $97/mo

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The Timeline Blueprint

Discover the secrets of the most profitable Facebook Fan Pages, and get your business setup for success on Facebook. Grab our best-selling training and instantly vault your business into the top 1% of all Fan Pages on Facebook.

Experience the clarity that comes with understanding exactly what tactics and strategies grow businesses through Facebook Fan Pages. And see exactly why Facebook’s Timeline layout is outperforming the old layout and how you can reap the benefits.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • The “Perfect Timeline Layout” that increases sales by 52% (and how you can copy it for your own fan page)
  • My 3-Step Process for Outranking Your Competition in Google Search Results, Sending You Floods of Free Traffic
  • My 13 Point Checklist to Ensure Your Fan Page Is Perfectly Tuned & Ready to Deposit Cash Into Your Bank Account

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • This training helps you get off on the right foot when it comes to marketing on facebook. We teach exactly how to setup your fan page so you can start generating sales as fast as possible

Regular Price: $197

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Facebook Ads Academy

Tap into the world’s most targeted advertising platform and receive dirt-cheap clicks, built a huge list of leads, and sell more products in a day than your competition does all year.

Use the largest database ever compiled online to lazer-target your market and place irresistible ads in front of an audience pre-disposed to be interested in your business! Implement exactly you what you need to succeed, while eliminating all the risks as you benefit from years expert experience & success.

  • Create Irresistible Ads That Will Get You The Maximum Exposure At The Lowest Possible Price
  • My 3-Steps Process For “Hyper-Targeting” So Your Ads Are Always In Front Of Interested Buyers
  • How To Setup Your First $20 Mini-Campaign To Test New Ideas Without Risking Your Hard-Earned Cash…

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • This training helps you drive massive amounts of PAID traffic using facebook ads. Think you can’t afford ads? I’ll prove you wrong or you money back. This is the fastest way to scale a small business to the 7-figure level, guaranteed.

Regular Price: $997

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Timeline Design for Dummies

Take action toward creating perfect custom tabs without the hassle or the high price tag. Wether you’re an HTML beginner or expert, you’ll learn exactly what you need to create your very own powerful custom tabs, and nothing more!

Waste zero time, ditch clunky tools and overpriced developers, and maintain complete control over your own Fan Page while getting straight to the heart of what connects you to your customers on Facebook.

  • Done-For-You Custom Templates That You Can Plug Right Into Your Fan Page In Seconds
  • 6-Video HTML 101 Course So You Become An Expert Without Wasting Time Learning Unnecessary Details
  • My Personal Design Rolodex Including 245 “Hand-Drawn” Icons, 9 Of My Favorite Fonts, and 4 Presentation Templates For Completely Professional Design…

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • This training helps you build your own custom landing pages inside of facebook, without paying for any other tool. Purchase this training instead of the 5 Minute Fan Page software if you’re more of a “Do It Yourself” kind of person.

Regular Price: $197

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Facebook Report Bundle

Become the expert in advertising, design, traffic, sales, and more with these 6 brand new Facebook Insider Reports. Grab our best strategies for building powerful custom tabs, attracting waves of free traffic, finding customers through irresistible advertising, and more.

Instantly pull back the curtain on Get 10,000 Fans and copy the exact techniques we use each and every day to attract fans, collect leads, and create customers.

  • Create Legal, Free Contests That Has Been Used To Collect 5,263 Leads & 531 Customers In A Matter Of Hours
  • The 4 Biggest Advertising Mistakes To Avoid That Will Cost You A Fortune
  • he Exact “Copy & Paste” Business Plan My Clients Pay Over $10,000 To See For Themselves…

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • These reports break down the most important aspects of marketing on facebook, giving you the strategy you need to stop focusing on attracting fans, and start focusing on adding more cash in your bank account.

Regular Price: $162

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