How to Create Facebook Ads That Convert: 3 Simple Steps

Having trouble coming up with ideas for your Facebook ads? Not sure what to say? Or what image to use? Here’s my 3-step system that I’ve used while spending over $2,500,000 on Facebook ads since 2010. The other day I showed you the page by page setup of a Facebook ad campaign I ran last month that ended up generating…

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The Exact Results from the Last $8,240.17 I Spent in Facebook Ads

In this post I’m going to outline, in detail, a very Facebook ad campaign I just put together. Plus, at the end of the post you can actually download the entire page-by-page campaign for yourself. A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to promote a product I created called The Retargeting Hacks report. This was a quick video…

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How We Doubled Our Money In 5 Days With Facebook Retargeting

How To Retarget With Facebook.

Here’s The Problem… Those of you who have been following our greater body of work know about SamCart. SamCart is a shopping cart software that my team and I have been using and developing for about a year now. Well, we had a problem. SamCart has been in a closed Beta for a while, and our development…

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Facebook Custom Tabs – A 59% Opt-In Increase?

See the results of our newest test with Facebook Custom Tabs.

A lot of you know we used to teach our people to use Facebook Custom Tabs to set up landing pages almost exclusively. It’s a great way to get likes and leads from a single place, and Facebook likes it when you don’t take people out of facebook. However, over the past year, Facebook has…

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Facebook Advertising: How We Turned $67.00 into $733.00

Our facebook ads had been kinda sucking these last couple of weeks, and we were having some trouble tracking down why. (ever felt that way?) Our ad traffic was good, our cost per click or (CPC) was in the normal range we expect it to be, and our landing pages are tracking an over 20% opt-in rate. Everything…

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