Not Long Ago, 15 Marketers Discovered How To Build A Profitable, Customer Funnel From Scratch And Have It Work Nearly On Auto-Pilot 24/7 To Get Them Leads And Sales.

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From The Desk of Brian Moran
Baltimore, Maryland
11:36 am

Dear friend,

We met a few months ago in downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

There wasn't a bunch of speakers. Just my team, 15 clients, and me of course. Our primary goal was very simple.

Why had we assembled eager entrepreneurs from different parts of the country to meet at this one office?

For a very good reason...

You see, we weren't setting out to simply master Facebook, which can seem like just another tool at times.

Instead, we were showing these 15 people step by step solutions to go from the ground level all the way to...

Learning How To Dominate Their Market In Record Time, And Leave With Their Funnel Cranking Out New Leads & Sales!

(And Make Them As Much Money As Possible)

This was not some fancy seminar, where everyone is just talking at you.

It was 3 days of solid WORK.

See, some of our clients needed some tweaks to get their funnel product ideas, the addition of a new upsell, a slight change to their message, etc.

Other clients came to us without opt-in pages built, no market research done, no sales to speak of...nothing.

But regardless of where our clients started, we built their funnels - mapped everything out during the weekend they would not just sit through a boring weekend seminar where everyone leaves no better off than when they arrived.

Instead, our attendees left the Bootcamp with a ROCK SOLID funnel and a personalized, step-by-step game-plan for attracting new leads and sales - ready to go when they got home...or sooner!

And that's the can't just sell one need a funnel - a series of proven products - to open the path to...

Start To Make Double Or Even TRIPLE The Money You Are Making Right Now!

...And it's those exact insider methods 15 of our clients met with us during the last Bootcamp to master.

Things like...

  • How To Start With Zero Leads – forget about customers for a second – and give them the right sales message which caused a list to rise up out of the ashes…
  • How to do laser-focused research so you know exactly what type of copy will convert – and what to stay away from…
  • Split-Testing: Rather than start with just one headline or idea…we showed these 15 people how to do MULTIPLE tests at once to get MORE leads for less…
  • Funnel Creation: Most of our sales come AFTER people purchase their first product – and we make 50% more money on our upsells than we normally do on our first product...
  • and a lot, lot more…

So We've Opened The Qualification Process For Our Next Bootcamp Up To You, On A First Come, First Serve Basis

Yes, we are opening the doors back up for the next weekend Bootcamp to be held here in downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

Because our last event sold out before we could even let you (and the rest of the Get 10k Fans Community) know it was happening, I've been pummeled by email requests asking for priority registration!

So here it is. This is your chance to meet with me and my team, in person, at our next live event.

This event will soon be opened to affiliates and tons of other folks, but this is your exclusive first crack at saving your spot before we sell out again.

Just like those 15 clients from our last event, our team has a qualification process for you to go through. Just so I can be 100% sure that you and I can create amazing results together.

We need to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that working with you will be a perfect fit.

PLUS: I want to offer you the same opportunity our last attendees had...

If you apply, and we think you could be a great fit, you will have a 1-hour strategy session with James Grandstaff (a senior member of our team here at Get 10k Fans), who has overseen over $1,000,000 in paid advertising.

Bottom Line: James knows what it takes to get traffic to convert into sales on Facebook, or how to revive a dead list, or how to fix "what's wrong" with your products than almost anyone else out there.

And you are going to get a free strategy session with him (wether you then decide to come to the Bootcamp or not), after you apply.

After Leaving A Small, Refundable Deposit You'll Go Right Into The Bootcamp Qualification Process

For the very low sum of $97, which is completely refundable should you not be satisfied, you can fill out our quick 1403119195_11application. If we think working together would be a perfect fit, we will schedule a time to have you speak with James or myself over the phone for your free, 1-hour strategy session.

We can cover ANY marketing, advertising, or money-getting strategy you wish.

So if you are serious about getting your funnel DONE - no excuses this time - then let us pre-qualify you right now and see if we are a great fit for working together.

You take a quick survey, and we'll take a look at your offers and strategize over the phone to see if you are a right fit for the live Bootcamp with us here in Baltimore.

Would you like to hop on the phone with us, who can easily give you $5,000 worth of advice, strategies, and insider methods to deploy in YOUR own campaigns?

It's Not Just A Phone Call...Far From It...

  • Want new ideas on how to spice up your opt-in form for Facebook…even if it is already crushing it? No problem.
  • Need some new copy ideas to start off a brand new campaign and have it converting in less than 7 days? We have you covered.
  • Feel like this whole “Funnel” thing you keep hearing about confuses you and you just need some pointers? We can take care of that.

Here's What To Do Next...

After you click the button below, and put down your $97 deposit, you will get a link directly to the 7-question Bootcamp application. Don't worry, we aren't here to waste your time. This application is short and sweet.

brian-funnel-bgOh! And remember, this $97 deposit is fully refundable!

So after you place your deposit, you will fill out the Bootcamp application. Then we will personally review your application to see if we are a perfect fit to work together. After that, you will be asked to schedule your 1-hour strategy session with James or myself.

If we do not think you are a good fit to work with us at the Bootcamp, or if you don't instantly fall in love with the strategies we are going to hand you on a silver platter over the phone, or if you simply decide not to join us at the Bootcamp, not a problem...

We will quickly refund your $97 deposit on the spot. The same day. And we will part as friends.

It's extremely simple.

Nothing complex. No contracts. No damned hidden costs (I hate when people do that).

We are simply searching for more motivated, forward-thinking business owners from our Get 10,000 Fans Community to partner with. And we think that could be you.

And we are happy to strategize together to find out if that's true...

Again this is VERY LIMITED!

Let me be very clear about this...

This letter is for you, an active member of the Get 10,000 Fans community. I wanted you to get the first crack at the opportunity to work directly with my team and I.

But this offer will be opened to affiliates and other communities, and these limited spots will be gone.

So please get your credit card out, click on the button below, and place your risk-free $97 deposit right now. We will take a look at your application, and get you on the phone for our strategy call as soon as tomorrow.

I really appreciate your time. Thank you for listening, and I am very excited to learn more about your business.

Brian Moran

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