Facebook Advertising – Dominate Your Niche With Facebook Ads with Unique Targeting

Over a third of small businesses are on Facebook now. Which begs the question, why are so many businesses sprinting towards Facebook to improve their marketing? Well recently Facebook added some awesome tools that help you advertise even more specifically to your perfect customer.

Facebook Advertising: 3 Capabilities to Help You Advertise More Efficiently

  1. Zip Code Targeting.

    Now Facebook Ads allows locally-based small businesses to keep their advertising dollars working only in their neck of the woods.

    When using Facebook Ads, you can specify the ZIP codes you want your ads to be seen in. This is an incredible tool for small businesses to use, especially when you consider the implications for businesses operating exclusively in their local market. Keep your advertising dollars working for you on auto-pilot while building brand awareness in your local area.

    For our local business friends, you may want to consider running Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories. These ads are completely tailored to help local businesses reach leads and customers in their target area.

  2. Topic Targeting.

    This enables your Facebook advertising campaign to be geared toward a broad category of keywords quickly & easily.

    Some businesses need a very specific group of keywords, but if your business is geared toward a broad audience, you can now select to target a broad topic. This kind of broad targeting is done in the place of struggling through lists of 1,000s of keywords in an attempt to find your perfect keyword.

    Let’s say you are a music store. You don’t need to run down a list of 1,000 musical keywords, you can just say target the category of “music”. Save time & cut to the chase. Great new feature for Facebook Ads.

  3. Precise Interest Targeting.

    If you want to use Facebook Ads to market to a very specific niche, you are well equipped now with Precise Interest Targeting. This allows your Facebook advertising campaign to be directed at a super specific subgroup.

So whether you need to target a specific area of the map, a large over-arching interest group, or a very small specific niche, Facebook advertising enables you to reach your clientele with simply & quickly.

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Save money. Advertise more effectively with Facebook advertising.

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