Facebook’s IPO: What went wrong & what does it mean?

Earlier this year, Facebook made its long awaited Initial Public Offering (IPO). However, Facebook’s much anticipated move into the public business world went from setting the internet ablaze to having some call it a “complete disaster”. Not long after, many companies decided to abandon dreams of their own IPO (and the big pay-day that accompanies most IPOs).

For anyone working in the business world, Facebook’s IPO can serve as a case study to understand the risks & rewards associated with any move into the public sphere. Though it’s been months since the towering expectations for Facebook’s IPO came back down to Earth, many business analysts are still questioning what went wrong and how Facebook will retain their value and continue to grow their revenue stream to satisfy their new shareholders.

Check out this infographic below (first published here) on the implications of Facebook’s IPO. And draw your own conclusions, but I believe Facebook’s growth will continue to be fueled by this IPO, and not long from now, Mark Zuckerberg’s less-than-stellar IPO will be a distant memory. Enjoy!

Facebook: Programmed for Disaster

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