5 Tips to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings With Your Fan Page

Most businesses that are new to Facebook marketing don’t realize how effective Fan Pages can be in increasing your rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Facebook SEO is especially powerful because it only requires a few simple steps to create an effective search engine campaign using Facebook.

Because of the viral nature of Facebook, Google tends to watch these pages more closely. This results in even faster results in search engine rankings than even traditional search engine optimization strategies.

Fan Page Optimization

And some people thought the whole FaceBook thing was just a fad…

Here are the top six tips that you need to take into account when creating your Facebook marketing campaign using advertising, fan pages, personal accounts, groups, and events.

  1. Create a keyword rich Fan Page Title
  2. Descriptively fill out your “Info” tab
  3. Create a custom URL for your fan page
  4. Share or create relevant, key-word rich content that your users can share
  5. Regularly put URLs and links into your statuses/updates to engage your users

As all Facebook marketers know, targeting good keywords are gold for generating traffic for your site. And being visible to search engines, FaceBook Fan Pages are no exception to that rule.

So find a way to infuse your keywords anywhere you can, BUT remember to remain as natural as you can with your speech. The guys at Google are finding ways to stay one step ahead of marketers who just try to say a specific keyword 19,247 times on a single page and sound like total dorks in the process.

People know who is being genuine, so take the time to create content that is keyword-rich, but actually says something people care about.

Be natural, be yourself, and take the opportunity and the challenge to make your Facebook presence that much better through basic SEO!

About The Author

Brian Moran

Brian started Get 10,000 Fans back in November 2010 after figuring out how powerful facebook marketing could be for his baseball training website, trainbaseball.com. Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook.