Fan Page Friday: Porsche FanPage Success

Hey guys! Well here is installment #2 of Fan Page Friday, where every week we take a look at a different Facebook Fan Page and talk over what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what we can all learn from them.

FanPage Friday 12/17: Porsche

Enough interactive material to keep me around for days.

Well here is name that is synonymous with high quality motor sports. I am not much of a car enthusiast, but you would pretty much have to live with a community of wolves in the middle of Saskatchewan to not recognize this high-octane brand. Porsche has leveraged its brand recognition to quickly draw over 1 million fans to its fan page. Wonder how many of them own a Porsche? I drove a Porsche once, crashed it too. Need for Speed 2 on Playstation. But before I start bragging about my video game records from 1996, lets take a look at their Facebook fan page.

Fan Page Custom Tabs Getting Results

Porsche has done an excellent job of differentiating their page from “all the rest”. Porsche is an electric brand, and their facebook fan page is no different. They have a clean look, and all their custom tabs play up to the experience that is….Porsche. My favorite being the “Welcome” tab. Take a look at all the bells and whistles they have, build your own Porsche, send a Porsche to a friend, and Porsche poll question, and it just keeps going. Their pages are interactive, cohesive, and all contribute to a very cool fan page experience. A visitor could spend hours on this page, and with all the interactive materials and extra content, any visitor remotely interested in Porsche would be crazy not to click around.

Facebook Custom Landing Pages

Impossible to resist clicking that “Like” button. What is goin’ to happen?!

Porsche knows what they are doing, I’ll tell you that. Go ahead and search Porsche in the Facebook search bar and find their page. Wasn’t so hard huh? Searching “Porsche” gets you right to their page despite hundreds of copy-cat pages. And what is the landing page? Check it out.

A custom tab that is called a “Reveal Tab”. A Reveal Tab is a any page that requires a user to click “Like” before viewing any content. And Porsche has hit the ball out of the park with this one. You click “Like” and not only do you get content, but you get a chance to have your named engraved on a celebratory, limited-edition Porsche. Not a bad way to get someone to “Like” your page huh? Porsche is all about the “experience”, and they have done everything they can to offer everyone who comes to their page exactly that.

Custom Fan Page Image for Facebook

Good, not great.

Here is one small bone I have to pick with this page, their custom image. It is a good, high quality photo, but it does not evoke nearly the kind of charged response that every other picture on their entire page does. Their other pictures are wonderful, colorful shots of the car of your dreams, but their Fan Page image is just not the same. It has their logo on it, which I don’t personally recommend (but with an internationally recognized logo like theirs, tough to argue they shouldn’t use it). But looking at that picture just doesn’t grab the attention of the visitor as much as it could. Lucky for them, the rest of their page is top notch.

Fine job by Porsche. They understand their audience very well and have done well to create one hech of an “experience” for anyone who happens across their page. They have a clear call to action, and I am sure they convert visitor to fans at a very high rate. Now, hardly anyone has a brand as powerful as Porsche, but the principles are the same. Know your audience, grab their attention, and don’t let go.

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