10 Proven Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

You have created a Facebook Fan Page, but now you’re left with the question — “How Do I Get People to Become Fans of my page or get them to click the ‘Like’ button?”

You are not alone in wondering this, as most people grapple with attempting to recruit “Fans” to their page.

Here are the 10 Proven Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

1. Design A Custom Welcome Page

Designing a Custom “Welcome Page” is a great way to get more Facebook fans. Studies have shown that it greatly increases you chances of turning visitors into fans of your page.

There are free apps that can help you make a custom welcome page — the Facebook application, Pagemodo.com. and Woobox.com. These applications have ready-made templates you can choose from.

You can also check out our brand new 5 Minute Fan Page 2.0 application that lets you create stunning, high converting landing pages right inside of your fan page.

2. Invite Potential Fans to your Fan page

Send out an email blast to your current contacts telling them about your fan page. Say something along the lines of, It would be great if you could click ‘like’ and become a fan of my new Facebook page. Be sure to include a link to your page, making it as easy as possible for people to click and ‘like.’ You don’t want them to have to search for it!

3. Post Links on your Social Media Sites

If you have other social media presence, like LinkedIn, Twitter or your private Facebook page, post links inviting your contacts and friends to ‘Become a Fan’ or ‘Like’ your new Facebook page. You can also add links to your social media bios, which has proven an effective way to get more fans to your page.

4. Use Facebook as Your Page

When you connect to your Facebook account, you can click on the down arrow, which is located in the upper right-hand corner next to the “Home” button, and then click on “Use Facebook as Page” button. What this does is helps you to interact with other contacts — not as you personally, but as your Page. This step will assist you in getting more fans to click and even comment on your Fan Page.

5. Utilize Facebook Ads

You can buy advertisements on Facebook to increase traffic to your Fan page. If you attempt this strategy, be sure to target your advertisements to your audience and begin small. Don’t spend a ton of money before figuring out which ads work best for your page, and test out a variety of ads for a minimal amount of money. This helps to see which advertisements will work best for you before you start spending the big bucks.

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6. Add the Facebook ‘Like’ Box to your Sites

When you put the ‘Like’ box feature on your site, visitors can simply click ‘like’ to become a fan of your Facebook Page instead of seeking out the page themselves. This cuts steps and makes it incredibly easy for people to become fans and also helps in building your online credibility — when visitors see that you have a big following on your Facebook Fan page, it makes it easier for them to click that ‘Like’ button.

Use Facebook’s Social Plugins Page to Add Cool Stuff to Your Sites

7. Ask Friends to Share your Page

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help! Facebook Fan pages all have a ‘Share’ button located on the left side of the site. Ask for a little help from your pals when they visit your page by having the, click on the ‘Share’ button. When your friends share your page on their Facebooks, it is great exposure for your Fan page and can get you a lot of new fans.

8. Add A Fan Page Link to your Emails

Use your Facebook Fan Page link as your email signature. This way, every email you send includes a link to your fan page, which increases your exposure.

9. Invite Your Friends

Located on the right side of every Facebook Fan page, there is a convenient ‘Invite Friends’ button. Just click on the link and it invites all your friends to become a Fan of your Facebook Page.

10. Launch your Page With an Event

By creating an Event on Facebook launching your Fan Page, there is a much better chance that your friends and contacts will click on the ‘Like’ button.

Call it “Launch of the _______ Page,” and be sure to include the link to your page so people know where to go to become a ‘Fan.’

More Advanced Techniques?

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Comment below if you have any tricks that have worked wonders for you!

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