How to Exclude Customers From Your Facebook Ads

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Wondering how to exclude your customers from seeing certain facebook ads you’re running that promote products they already bought? Here’s how:

Step #1: Create An Audience for Your Customers

Login to your Facebook Ad account, and select “Audiences” over on the left hand side. Then click “Create Audience.”

facebook ad custom step 1

Step #2: Select Custom Audience from Your Website

Next, select “Custom Audience from your Website” to make sure Facebook is going to keep track of visitors as they move through your website.


Step #3: Decide How You Want to Build Your Audience

Next name your audience and give it a description, then decide what URL you want Facebook to build an audience from. This basically means that whatever URL you enter in the field show below, Facebook will build an audience over time of anyone who hit that page on your site, allowing you to run certain advertisements to only that group of people. (pretty cool, right?)

To build an audience of your customers, the URL you enter here should be the “thank you URL” that a customer sees immediately after they purchase.

Lastly, his “Create” to save your audience.


Step #4: Paste the Tracking Code On Your Site

All you have to do next is copy and paste the tracking code into your site, on the “thank you URL” that a customer sees immediately after they purchase. Just follow Facebook’s directions, it’s super simple. This will ensure Facebook is tracking everything correctly for you.


Step #5: All Done!

If you see the screen below, you’re all set. Facebook will now build an audience based on people who saw whatever URL you entered in the parameters.


Step #6: Create A Facebook Ad Excluding That Audience

Now create a Facebook Ad using the normal builder or the Power Editor, and just make sure to exclude the audience you just created from seeing the ad.

Now you’re showing ads to only people who have not bought your product, success!


Step #7: Watch Your Audience Grow

Back on the “Audience” tab, you can watch over time as your audience grows. It’s growing because people are hitting that URL each and every day, and Facebook is keeping track of it for you. Pretty sweet.



Have you tested this tactic yet? Are you about to? Let me know in the comments below if you think it will work for your business…

About The Author

Brian Moran

Brian started Get 10,000 Fans back in November 2010 after figuring out how powerful facebook marketing could be for his baseball training website, Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook.

  • Thanks for the tip Brian. Been doing custom audiences. But hadn’t been using custom audience to exclude people (buyers, in this example).

    Side note: there aren’t many options to exclude people in Facebook ad targeting – yet. Running a campaign where the realtor client would like to target homeowners (which you can do) but exclude realtors (can’t do. Can only include, not exclude).

  • Funnily enough I discovered this, this afternoon. You can also exclude fans of your facebook page

    • Brian Moran

      Yep, you can. That’s a great option too. Sometimes we target fans specifically, but sometimes we want to exclude them as well.

  • Hi Brian, I use demographics a lot rather than the option you explained but will take a look now at custom audience. One of the issues I have with people who like my page is not being able to see the complete list of people whom have liked my page as it helps me analyse and target my future audience better. Also, for people I want to ban from my site that I know are sitting in the background. Can you help with any of those issues.


  • is it possible to exclude people of an targeted interest. For instance can say target people who are fans of Page A, as long as they are not fans of Page B?

  • Great post Brian – thanks. So often we’re focusing on just who we can include to see our ads that it’s easy to forget that who we EXclude can be just as important, and play a big part in not annoying people who have bought already!

  • Hey Brian, this is great!

    It doesn’t really matter unless your customer base is rather large. If we are talking just a handful, not a big deal. But for larger customer lists, this is a must have addon.

    I’ll have to add this right away.

    Sharing this now 🙂

    • Brian Moran

      Yeah you’re 100% right Ryan. Good point.

  • Hey! Someone in my Facebook group snared this site with us so I came too
    check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeging this
    to my followers! Outstanding blog and fantastic design and

  • Hi Brain, Very Refreshing

    I love this idea because it saves you money, although you plan on scaling up. This also helps you target those same customers again for future products that you are affiliated to and/or own.( Its a buyers list that has been excluded from product A but eventually will be ready for product B.)

    I also would find it useful to segment those whom have taken a particular action that haven’t bought from you yet but have subscribed to your, “Free” , value content. (Great data – because it may easily allow you to survey those members and ask questions like, Is this offer to expensive so that maybe you could offer a payment plan and/or offer a special limited time offer, “7 DAY to 2 Week Trail for a special price.)

    I hope this helps others to see even more value in this guide. Its actionable training for free.

    keep up the Great work. I’m bookmarking this.. 😀