5 Steps to Create Your Facebook Fan Page Correctly *Updated 2014!

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So you need a Facebook fan page? Here’s how to set one up, the right way.

1.) Head over to Facebook to set up your page:

The first step, if you haven’t already, is to set up your page. Your first stop here is to go to Facebook.com/Pages and log in. From here you will select “Create Page” which appears in the upper right hand corner of the page when you log in. See the image for reference.

Select Create Page

1.) Decide what kind of page you want to create:

The next step is to choose what kind of page you are creating. There are a few options.

1.) Local Business or Place- Use this type if you run a store, small business, local craftsmen or own a venue of some kind.

2.) Company, Organization, or Institution- This page type is for larger organizations. It can range from a large corporation to a non-profit or .edu.

3.) Brand or Product- Use this page for more product and brand focused pages. We use this since we are an information marketing company so we are heavily invested in our brand and products.

4.) Artist, Band or Public Figure- Use this if YOU are the subject of the page. This type is suited for musicians, athletes, public speakers or anyone else who is the highlight of the page.

5.) Entertainment: An entertainment page is suited for media based products or companies who want to set up a page.

6.) Cause or Community: This type of page is suitable for local organizations, fund raising or community groups and causes.

Choose Page Type

4.) Choose a category:

It’s important to make sure to categorize yourself properly. This will affect how you show up in recommended pages views, and how you are searched by your potential fans. Make sure this matches tightly with you business and what you provide.

Choose A Category

5.) Pick a relevant and informative page name:

Be thoughtful on this step, your name will define you as a brand, and affect how you appear for people searching on Google and Facebook. Make sure that your name is both descriptive, and describes what you do.

For example, our name “Get 10,000 Fans” was chosen for a very specific reason. Think of the searches people like you might be making. “How to get Facebook Fans”, “Where to get more Fans”, “What do I do with my Facebook Fans?”. You get the picture, the keywords in our name correlate with those searches well. That’s not all though, by saying we can help you get “10,000” fans, we are putting some specific goals on the table, it shows we are not making vague promises.

Choose A Name

6.) Finish your setup:

After you setup your pages name and category you will be taken through a setup wizard where you will enter the basics about your business including your Profile Picture. In this step, making sure you have an eye catching and relevant profile picture is critical as often this is the only chance you will have to get someone to click through to your page. Once you make it through this process, you are finished!

Choose An Image

Something to keep in mind…

Remember, as long as you have less than 200 fans you can change your page without any fuss. However, once you get over 200, you will need to do a manual request to Facebook to change the page name. This can take a few days, so it’s usually best to settle on a permanent name for your page before you pass that 200 fan mark

What’s next…?

Comment below to let us know some of your goals with your new page, and we’ll do our best to reply and give you some feedback!


About The Author

Brian Moran

Brian started Get 10,000 Fans back in November 2010 after figuring out how powerful facebook marketing could be for his baseball training website, trainbaseball.com. Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook.

  • Great site…logical, instructive information as the behemoth continues to evolve. Thanks!

  • Nice site, like the instructional videos keep ’em coming!

  • Quick and easy! Definitely good to think about the name you want so you can tie it in later. In the video you mentioned your site link that would bring you right to this page, however you might want to mention that this can often only be done after a set time on facebook. You can go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ to see if yours will work at this time. Again, you can only change it 1X then it is permanent.

  • Great tips! Thanks for the video. I just started following you last week, but have already taken a lot of your advice and started using it. Thanks for the free Facebook check list and work book. On day 1 I set up a custom FBML welcome page. Kepp up the good work. 🙂

  • Great information, keep up the great work . Lets hope Facebook doesn’t get spammed out like all the other great ideas.

  • Just want to clarify that the default landing tab is not in the update . I understand that you default to Info until you follow or like, that wil then default to Wall. Can you straighten me out on that one..?

  • I found this by complete mistake and I’m glad I did. I made some changes already.

  • Luvn’ this … Thnx Tim. Just opened my online store, hoping to get 10000 fans myself!

  • Yes – very quick! This information was missing! I will create a fan page for my site – http://www.golearnweb.com Thanks a lot! ;-)))))))))))

  • Great information. One question. Whe I put my Youtube video embed html code in the FBML box, nothing shows up? Can anyone help me with this?


    • Same thing happens to me.


  • Awesome info.. Thanks!

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  • I only have 500 fans im looking to increase that to 10k.
    I hope your info. helps!

  • Thanks for the info. My page has been stuck at 500 give or take for too too long. Time to make a drastic overhaul

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    this is a great site 🙂 hopefully i get 10000 fans on my page which is called God is #1 in my life

  • anthony rodriguez

    great site 🙂 hopefully i get 10000 fans on my page which is called God is #1 in my life

  • Hey Brian.. awesome info! Looking forward to the next module!


  • Nice easy to understand and floow instructions. Thanks for sharing.

  • thank you, your info is simple and effective one

    Hari baskar
    Skype : Hari_baskar

  • Great information thanks

  • You have made it simple and easy to understand

  • Can you unpublicise a page?

    Is it worth cancelling the account and starting up again?

    Can we bypass the original Facebook page and just let people see the Fan page?

  • Dude,, great info… you helped me alot!

  • Really cool info, I really like the FB advertising tip about the headline. I’m looking forward to your next post.


  • Thanks for the information. I am setting it up now. Personal Growth

  • Thank you you have been a great help

  • I just set up my FB Page yesterday..and just happened to see your page today. So wished I would have come across it yesterday! I do believe I did select my name correctly, as I used it to link to my website address. I figured when one keeps seeing it , they will remember my site address. Your information has been very helpful. Plan to put these tools into place soon. http://www.itsjustjewelry.com/SylviaVenable is the official site. FB Fan page is Itsjustjewerly.com/SylviaVenable

  • Amazing tutoria video. Very educating and easy to understand. Iam heading straight to Get10000 fans page

  • WOW!! I have been trying to do this for ages! Now I can set pages up for my 5 websites! Thanks!!
    -Robbie Gee

  • Cathy

    Love the info, but can anyone tell me what to do if a page is already created.
    I created the welcome page as suggested, but no options come up to make it the landing page.
    Does anyone know where to go to create a great page?

  • When I click on your very first instruction to set up my fan page I get an error??? Where is the link now because all I find when I try to do a search are all the people promoting their fan pages.

    Thanks – I am excited to get started!

    With appreciation,

  • Great info but now you can change the name of the page if you have less than 25 fans.

  • Max

    Great website, like the layout a lot.

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  • Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts
    as long as I provide credit and sources back
    to your webpage? My blog is in the very same
    niche as yours and my visitors would truly benefit from a
    lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you.

    Many thanks!

    • Brian Moran

      Absolutely! Please just be sure to link back to us!