In case you didn't know, in 2014 we put together our first live event for Get 10,000 Fans.

It was for customers who bought our Fan Page Funnel program, where for 2 days, we would help them craft, create and execute virtually an entire idea, product, funnel or business.

Soup to nuts.

A to Z.

Here's a quick look at how our first event went...

It went so well that we knew we had to do another...

So later in the year, we organized our second 'Fan Page Funnel Bootcamp.'

And that one was just as amazing...

Well, Scott and I were sitting down in early January (2015), planning out our year, and the topic of the 'bootcamp' came up...

"Are we going to keep putting them on?" was a big question we both kept asking.

Why were we thinking about not doing them?

Simple. They're a LOT of work.

Even an intimate event like this one, a lot goes into it.

(which is why events like this one are so expensive)

Fast forward a few weeks...

I was on the phone with my mentor Paul (who made a guest appearance at our 2nd bootcamp event last year)...

And I brought up my concern about keeping the event going.

Well, the more we talked about it, the more I knew I had to. And the reason was simple:

The impact at these same, intimate events is so big for the people that get to come, that any hassles of putting it together or sacrificing an entire weekend, is well worth it in the end.

But, I knew that if we were going to put together another event, it had to be even better.

We had to cover more materials. (instead of just facebook marketing)

We had to be able to bring in anyone, at any experience level, and help them create a business from scratch, in just 2 days.

Sounds nearly impossible, but trust me, it's not.

Luckily, I had Paul on the phone as I talked through my ideas, and I got him to commit to being a big part of our next event.

After all, he is the guy that literally turned my world upside down.

I met Paul at his own event. He actually comped my ticket to get in because I was so poor.

I drove up to New Jersey, sat through 2 days of him teaching me how to craft, create and launch a profitable online business, and the rest is history.

What's cool about Paul is he isn't a "marketing guy."

He's actually a baseball pitching expert, who just so happens to be better at the marketing/business side of things than most marketing gurus out there.

This dude knows his shit.

I literally call him every time I need help with something. (personal and professional)

He is my mentor. My coach.

And I want to do for you what he did for me just 5 years ago:

Launch you toward success.

Help you take your idea, your product, your business, and quickly turn it into a cash-generating machine that lets you do whatever it is you want to do.

1.) Need help figuring out what product to sell?

We do that in our sleep...

2.) Not sure about the best way to create that product so everyone wants to pay you for it?


3.) Need help building your email list?

We got that down to a science...

4.) Want to attract thousands of ravings fans to your fan page?

That's what we're known for...

5.) No idea how to start generating massive amounts of traffic from YouTube, Google, or Paid Traffic?

That won't be an issue...

6.) Need help putting together your ENTIRE marketing funnel or campaign so it turns all that traffic into dependable monthly profits?

You get the idea...

Imagine having a marketing funnel that lets you sell whatever you want, faster than you ever thought possible...

Imagine having insanely profitable Facebook ads running by themselves behind the scenes, letting you build a 100,000+ email list that you can email anytime you'd like to rake in new sales...

Imagine putting together simple products in hours instead of days, weeks, or even months, that let you grab 3-5X more customers than every single one of your competitors...

Imagine having a "back-end funnel" in place that lets you turn low-value customers in $5,000 and $10,000 customers almost immediately...

... and that's just the beginning.

That's just one of many stories, memories, experiences... whatever you want to call it... that you'll have over these two days.

You'll remember the trip the rest of your life.

You'll tell your friends, mom, dad, wife, husband, kids, and grandkids about this weekend.

So if you're interested, there's a link below that will take you to a quick application form.

Just a few questions that won't take you very long.

Now, you're probably wondering what this is going to cost you.  It's going to be very expensive.  Putting something like this together isn't easy.

I've seen similar events run all the way up to $25,000.

Crazy, I know.  When I first got into online marketing I couldn't believe how expensive some of these exclusive events were...until I went to a couple myself.

In fact, I can attribute most of my 7 figure business successes to small, intimate events like this one.

It's where the magic happens. It's where businesses are launched and life-long connections are made.

So while I've put together a great deal for this incredible "I'll be talking about this for the rest of my life" experience, it's still very expensive...

Also, it goes without saying that space is VERY limited and it's first come, first serve.

Several of our long-term customers have already reserved their spots, I've only got 14 more spots to offer right now...

Here's the link for the short application:

CLICK HERE to come learn, implement, and hang
with the me and my team 😉

Talk soon,



P.S. Fill out that application right now.

There is no obligation or anything just yet, but if you are even remotely interested in joining us for this event, you need to fill out that application right now.