The Simple Setup (3:15)

How to quickly create the perfect size ad for Facebook so your ad looks great when it’s published…

The Ultimate Design (12:28)

How to use keynote to creating stunning designs for free, all in under 60 seconds…

Instant Images & Icons (8:11)

Where to find amazing free images and icons that get your ads clicked on 10X more than your competitors…

Finding Your Fonts (6:43)

How to find the perfect font for you ads, or legally steal someone else’s font right from their website

The Fast Ad Formula (6:47)

The 3-step ad format that gets the most clicks, leads and sales

Easy Exporting (4:53)

How to quickly export your image, and upload right into facebook so you save tons of time in the process…

Instant Ad Images

How to create killer ad images using Keynote without paying a designer