The Targeting Tactic

Discover how to craft the perfect targeting for your Facebook ads, so you capture cheaper traffic and while boosting your sales.


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Download My Sales Funnel

Download “The Funnel” mind-map here so you can see the big picture anytime you need it. Right-click here and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” to download this mind-map to your computer.


Module 1: A Quick Overview

Why the 'Targeting Tactic' will slash the cost of your traffic and boost the conversions of all your ads so you generate more income from each ad.

Module 2: High Level Demographics

The 1st step of the 'Targeting Tactic' which shows you how to select the perfect demographics to target when creating your ads...

Detailed Targeting

The 2nd step of the 'Targeting Tactic' which shows you how to select the perfect "detailed targeting" options to target when creating your ads...

Custom Audiences

The 3rd step in the Targeting Tactic which reveals how to use Custom Audience to speed up the process of creating audiences to target with your ads...

The Drill-Down Technique

Here's the process for finding out who you should be targeting with your ads specifically. Watch this video, then go through the technique on your own. It'll change everything.

Case Studies

Ballet Studio


Basketball Course


Skiing Merchandise


Producitvity Course