November 21st, 2014

It's simple, and it's genius.

And the best part works over, and over, and over again!

If you had to ask me what the "One Thing" I do that creates the most powerful results for my business, I would tell you to check out "The Product Launch Formula", by a mentor of mine, Jeff Walker.

Jeff, a New York Times best-selling author and the creator of perhaps the single most talked about training product online, has just re-opened enrollment to this crazy popular course...

Most of the year, the course is closed down. As in, you couldn't join "PLF" if you wanted to.

But this week only, enrollment is open.

So listen, I've raved enough about Jeff this week. Great guy, sharper marketer. You get it, he's the man, and I've experienced amazing results implementing "The Product Launch Formula"...

I want you to learn about The Product Launch Formula, right now.

Even if it ISN'T right for you, you need to see Jeff in action. Take notes from him! His knowledge is on full display, and wether you get PLF or not, you can learn something from his process just by observing everything in action...

Which is also what I want to do for you right now. If you decide that PLF is right for you, I am going to send you the slideshow presentations from my last product launch as a free bonus. Funnel Slides My last product launch, The Fan Page Funnel, was my biggest launch ever. And if you enroll in PLF, send us an email, and I will send you my exact presentations from that entire launch so you can see this whole thing in action...

Click Here To Enroll in Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula.

Grab the outrageously powerful Product Launch Formula course, let my team know, and we'll get you a full view of my most successful launch ever.

See you on the other side,