New Guide for 2016:

11 Retargeting Hacks That Could 2X Your Profits From Facebook Ads

Discover 11 powerfully simple retargeting campaigns that increase conversions on a shoestring budget without the worry of finding more traffic...

What You Will Discover Inside This Report

11 of my personal Facebook Retargeting campaigns that convert more
paying customers on a shoestring budget...

  • The Cart Abandonment Hack

    How to Eliminate Cart Abandonment and Guarantee Every Potential Customers Buys…

  • The "Browser Interest" Hack

    How to Retarget People That Visit Certain Pages on Your Website…

  • The Past Purchases Hack

    How to retarget people based on products they’ve purchased in the past…

  • The Retargeting Urgency Hack

    How to use special sales and promotions in your retargeting to boost profits by 50% or more…

  • The Retargeting Proof Hack

    How to use retargeting to generate social proof and boost trust in you and your brand…

  • The Retargeting Expiration Hack

    How to time up your retargeting ads to show to customers at certain points when they might be ready to buy another product from you…

  • The Retargeting Add-On

    How to exploit retargeting ads to promote add-ons products to customers who have already bought from you…

  • The Retargeting Upgrade Hack

    How to use retargeting ads to promote customers to upgrade their account or subscription with you…

  • The Retargeting Profit Booster

    How to show ads to only your best customers who spend the most with your company in order to sell higher priced items and boost profits…

  • The Product Launch Hack

    How to hack retargeting ads to generate an evergreen product launch sequence to generate windfalls of new sales…

  • The Retargeting Exclusivity Hack

    How to use retargeting to make your leads and customers feel special by giving them an exclusive deal inside your ads…

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The Report

Get the full 16-page Retargeting Hacks report with my best Facebook Retargeting campaigns inside.

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Normally $97.00 - 50% Off Today

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