Top 8 Facebook Fan Pages And Why They Work So Well – Part 2

You may have seen our previous post about the Top 8 Facebook Fan Pages And Why They Work So Well.

Since that was a big hit with our fellow Facebook marketers, I’ve decided to finish off the Top 15 from Optimal.

Remember – these may be big brands, but they use tactics that any size business can integrate into their Facebook marketing strategy. Some tips my need a little tweaking here and there, but they are all applicable.

So with out further adieu, here are some more Fan Pages and the tactics they’ve used to get to the top of the list.

#9 Kohl’s

Fans – 9,347,057
Talking About – 217,350
Engagement – 1.9%

Build Up The Hype

I’ve discussed the benefits of saturating your Fan Page with relavent pictures, videos, and links. This is something that Kohl’s does exceptionally well.

Before every sale or the launch of a new clothing line, Kohl’s promotes it in advance – a whole week in advance!

Building up the hype like this on your Fan Page not only generates engagement, but it gets people interested in the product itself. The more interested they are, the more likely they will turn into customers.

There are a couple ways of going about the week-long promotion strategy, and vary in the degree of “mystery”.

Some Fan Pages like to leave their customers guessing up until the actual day of the sale, while others reveal a little bit each day.

We’ll cover more about this a little later, but you get the general idea. Build up that hype.

Leave It To Bieber

I simply couldn’t ignore this.

The Kohl’s Fan Page is promoting Justin Bieber, and it’s getting them 3x the engagement.

Normal Kohl’s posts receive around 10 – 20 shares.
The ones featuring Bieber got 600.

Now, I’m not saying that we should all start promoting Justin Bieber on our Fan Pages. Although, I don’t think Justin would mind that.

The take-home tactic here is riding those coat tails.

If you have the opportunity to promote someone famous or something famous, latch on to it. Make it yours.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little helping hand from other people. Chances are they’ll like the attention too!

#10 Monster Energy

Fans – 19,593,566
Talking About – 275,967
Engagement – 1.6%

Cater To Your Audience

One of the reason Monster has so much success on its Fan Page is that it knows its audience very well.

When fans visit the Monster Fan Page, they expect to see extreme photos of various sports, and action shots of pumping adrenaline.

Monster delivers.

Their Fan Page is full of sporty and extreme pictures and video.

Remember – sharing photos, links, and videos are important for your EdgeRank, and allows your Fan Page to get maximum exposure on Facebook.

Custom Tabs Get Free Engagement

I can’t stress how important custom tabs can be guys.

If you have a free offer up on your Fan Page, people will click it. Whether that click takes them to an email opt-in funnel or a contest is something you need to think about, but the point is they will click.

And the best part about this is the click is free. Take advantage of that!

#11 Macy’s

Fans – 8,831,814
Talking About – 200,813
Engagement – 2.5%

Here’s the second department store on our list.

They actually use some different strategies than Kohl’s, and have a higher “Talking About” number.

A Cover Photo That Makes A Statement

Macy’s isn’t afraid to be bold.

Claiming to be the “World’s Largest Store” is quite a declaration, and while your business may not be the largest, you can still excel at something.

Think. What does your business offer its fanbase that separates you from your competition?

Why do people choose your business? What are your strengths?

The cover photo is a great place to promote the reasons why your business is better than the others.

If you do decide to go bold though, be sure you can actually back up your claim!

Post About Your Custom Tabs

I’ve talked about how custom tabs can help generate free traffic.

To be completely honest though, the custom tab has a very small image compared to the rest of your Fan Page.

To get more engagement to your custom tab, create posts dedicated to promoting them.

Macy’s recently ran a contest through a custom tab app called the Little Stars Photo Contest. In this contest, pictures of babies were voted on to select who would win some money to help them toward college.

For starters, this had a high potential to be popular. Babies are just under kittens on the internet popularity list, after all.

No matter what contest or promotion you’re running though, be sure to advertise for it with Fan Page posts.

Give A Sneak Peek

Similar to Kohl’s, Macy’s promotes for upcoming product lines about a week ahead of the launch.

What Macy’s does that different is provide a glimpse at the new product line in advance.

This ties into the mystery aspect of building that hype. The more engagement you can build up before a launch, the more successful the launch will be.

You can easily reveal a bit more each day leading up to the launch for a good effect.

#12 MTV

Fans -38,596,447
Talking About – 642,612
Engagement – 1.8%

MTV stands for Music Television.

They tend to specialize in a wide variety of media now, and their Fan Page reflects it.

Pop Culture Is Popular

MTV has become known for its edgy pop culture take on life, whether it’s through shows or other forms of media.

If you can twist some sort of mainstream pop culture reference into your campaign, then chances are it will get more attention.

I’m not encouraging you to go around screaming the sky is falling, we don’t want negative attention. I’m just encouraging you to open your mind to some new ideas that could potentially help you drive engagement to your Fan Page.

#13 Victoria’s Secret

Fans – 20,157,907
Talking About – 305,190
Engagement – 1.4%

Well, you’re going to get engagement by posting sexy girls in underwear.

If you want to use that tactic, go for it, but let’s look at what else Victoria’s Secret does.

Free. Free? Free!

People love free stuff.

Victoria’s Secret knows that. That’s why they promote their Free Rewards Card on their Fan Page with photos and big letters.


If you’re going to give something away to get interaction from fans, be sure to make it highly visible.

Use attention-grabbing photos and use the highlight feature if the image is hi-res enough.

If you’re going to give something away, shout it to the world.

#14 iTunes

Fans – 23,993,771
Talking About – 233,080
Engagement – 1.6%

iConnect To Other iPages

One thing that stands out on the iTunes Fan Page is how it is connected to all of the world-wide iTunes pages for different countries.

If you are managing more than one Fan Page and the businesses are relavent enough, link them together!

This allows all of the linked pages to benefit from one another.

Any engagement you get on one Fan Page can flow onto the other Fan Pages!

#15 Walt Disney World

Fans – 11,483,145
Talking About – 283,944
Engagement – 2.2%

There is a reason why Disney has two Fan Pages in the Top 15 – they are awesome at getting engagement.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is primarily why Disney’s Fan Pages get so much engagement.

While millions of people may not recognize your products yet, you can still take the opportunity to promote yourself wherever possible.

Try to build your brand on your Fan Page by exposing all of your visitors through pictures, text, or video.

CTA The Disney Way

Call-to-actions (CTA’s) are a must in posts.

In each and every post, there should be something that directs the visitor to do something.

Things like “comment below” or “share this link” are frequent CTA’s that encourage engagement.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with other CTA’s as well, be creative and use ones that are specific to your audience.

#16 Your Fan Page

Hopefully these two posts gave you some ideas to implement in your Facebook marketing strategy.

And yes, your Fan Page sits in the 16 spot. Let’s see you all work up that chart!

For more game-changing tips, check out our Timeline Blueprint, and keep checking back on our blog!

Thanks so much for reading.

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